1. If I still had my heart button I would like this.  SNL hasn’t been the same since.  I have no idea what happened to the heart button :(

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  2. pastthestorm:




    A cool, modern twist on the French mani. It is also pretty easy to do. You just need scotch tape, black nail polish and a matte top coat. Apply the black polish, wait until it dries, then tape the tips of your nails before applying the matte top coat.

    i don’t paint my nails, but if i did…

    That is so cool.

    Where does one acquire a matte topcoat? I want to do this with every color.

  3. definatalie:

    I am deep into doily tattoo research now, THANKS IRIS!!!! These doilies are SO BEAUTIFUL I can barely deal with it.

    Tattoo by Shawn Hebrank

    Why would anyone want grandma’s doilies tattoo’d on????

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  5. thehumorlessfeminist:

    I will not be ashamed.

    I am trying my best to be brave, to discuss depression, to help fight the stigma associated with mental illness.

    Do whatever you can to make your illness visible, which could very well be just getting out of bed—sometimes it’s the most difficult thing in the world to do.

    Most importantly, refuse to be ashamed.

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  7. gabeweb:

    The seventh billion

    World population. The seventh billion.

    The planet’s population is hurtling towards 7 billion. But its growth will start to slow

  8. Kids <shakes head>

  9. Rest in Peace, Baby Cat.


  10. Taking naked pictures does not make a girl a “whore”.



    Just because you’re not comfortable with your own body, doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to criticize someone else.

    The female body is a work of art.

    If you got it, flaunt it.

    That’s what I always say.

    Stop hatin’

    Slut-shaming reinforces the madonna-whore dichotomy, contributes to rape culture and is inherently misogynist. Men don’t get slut-shamed for taking naked pictures (or doing basically anything) in ways equivalent to how women are treated .