1. thehumorlessfeminist:

    I will not be ashamed.

    I am trying my best to be brave, to discuss depression, to help fight the stigma associated with mental illness.

    Do whatever you can to make your illness visible, which could very well be just getting out of bed—sometimes it’s the most difficult thing in the world to do.

    Most importantly, refuse to be ashamed.

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    Never ashamed again.
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    your venlafaxineER looks so strange! i thought it was antibiotics at first. they have started actually making a generic...
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    No shame, ever.
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  17. birdr said: I had to do a double take when I saw this on my dash- “WHO GOT INTO MY EFFEXOR WHY IS IT ON THE INTERNET WHAT IS THIS”- before I remembered that I am not the only mentally ill person in the world. Which is a nice thing to be reminded of, honestly.
  18. gendervaque said: you are brave.